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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day



Celeb- Before and After a Dentist Visit

Celebrities before and after a Dentist Visit
Tom Cruise

Zac Efron

Victoria Beckham

David Beckham

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Liam Gallaghe

Celine Dion

Hilary Duff

Nicolas Cage

Cheryl Cole

Top 10 - Aggressive Dogs

Top 10 - Aggressive Dogs, which often do not take it seriously
10 breeds of dogs, which were most often seen in attacks on humans, but due to their small size, is never perceived seriously.

01. Dachshund.

Originally this breed was bred in Germany to fight badgers. It is known that badgers themselves are very dangerous opponents and are considered the most dangerous creatures on Earth. Thus taxes were taken specifically to survive and win in a fight with this animal. It is believed that fees tend to be more aggression toward humans and other animals than any pit bull or Rottweiler.

02. Chow Chow.

This breed of dog is considered one of the most primitive in the world. Although these dogs and have a pleasant appearance, similar to a bear or a lion, they are also very aggressive and unpredictable. Deep-set eyes sunken very limit of their peripheral vision, which causes dogs to sudden aggression in the random motion of their field of vision.

03. Jack Russell Terrier.

This breed was bred specifically to hunt foxes. Russell, who kept in inappropriate conditions, often through the chur aggressive and dangerous. Although these dogs are rarely more than 9 kg in weight, their obstinacy in combat make them very dangerous opponents.

04. Dalmatians.

The peak of popularity of Dalmatians came in when the screens out the famous movie "101 Dalmatians". Unfortunately, too many parents have no idea about the nature of these dogs by buying them for their children. Originally grown as a fire dog, this breed is widespread in Europe. By their nature, are independent dogs, with well-developed defensive skills, which in itself is not very good for families with young children, and in case of bad training may be dangerous to kids.

05. Cocker Spaniels.

Looking at the cocker spaniel is difficult to imagine a less intimidating dog than this. However, it is worth considering that this is a very sensitive breed of dogs, whose sensitivity is bordered by the neurosis. Their roots genetically incorporated the so-called syndrome of anger. They may lash out with startling ferocity on innocent passers-by, but after a few moments have returned to a calm state of mind.

06. Bull Terrier.

At first glance, with his bull terrier funny egg-shaped head, and funny mannerisms may seem cute and harmless animals. In fact, before you party to such a bloody sport, as soobachi fights. They also look particularly impressive in the so-called "rat" games, when a dog throw into the pit, infested by rodents. Wrong-trained terrier can become domineering and aggressive dog.

07. Shar-Pei.

At one time this breed was considered one of the rarest, moreover, it is believed that the Shar-Pei and Chow Chow was a common ancestor. Despite its cute appearance to some of the photos, it's quite a serious dog, hanging skin that allows it in ancient times to obtain a significant Advantage on the dog fights.

08. Pekingese.

Unlike most species in this list, the Pekingese royal pedigree. This breed for many years could have only lived at the imperial palace in China. Only in 1860 Pekingese were taken from their homeland during the Second Opium War. Their disposition resembles a spoiled little gremlins. They are not especially interested in strangers or children, but it can attack the other dogs.

09. Beagle.

We all know Snoopy is the most famous beagle in the world. In reality - a breed of small hardy hunting dog. In addition, they are often inherent in unmanaged nature. Catching alluring scent hound is often no longer listen to the owner.

10. Chihuahua.

It is the smallest of all the existing breeds of dogs, and seems to be experiencing an extraordinary inferiority complex because of its size. These lumps of quivering nerves are absolutely not suitable for homes with children because of their attachment to the host borders on obsession, forcing them to lash out angrily at anyone who approaches them.

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