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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Amazing Real Story Sharing Sisters - A Husband


Sharing Sisters - A Husband

The 42-year-old sisters are in a polygamous marriage with Joe, 43, who is also married to a third woman – the siblings' cousin Alina, also 43. The Dargers, who are fundamentalist Mormons from Salt Lake City, Utah, live together in a large family home and have 24 children aged up to 18.

The women have their own bedrooms and Joe alternates between the rooms each evening.
Vicki has been married to Joe, who runs a construction company, for 22 years, while Valerie joined the family as his third wife 12 years ago. Valerie said: 'I took it as a sign he would be a good husband for me as well.

'As teenagers, Vicki and I liked some of the same guys. I thought it might even be good if we married the same man. I know that some people are uncomfortable at the thought of two sisters sharing a husband.
'But there's a good chance if a husband is compatible with one sister, he'll be well matched with another.'
Joe was 18 when he began dating Vicki and Alina at the same time, and married them in a joint wedding ceremony in 1990. After ten years together they encouraged Joe to start pursuing a relationship with Valerie. He admitted: 'The fact she was Vicki's twin was weird – they both had the same mannerisms. But Vicki opened my mind to it.' The three wives and their husband have co-written a book Love Times Three to challenge prejudices. 'We hope that by talking about our way of life, polygamy will step closer to being an accepted lifestyle,' said Joe. good husband for me as well.

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