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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quotes & Sayings

Be Simple, but look Stylish
Be Tough, but look Soft
Be Tensed, but look Cool
Be a Begineer, but look like a Winner; that's the way of living Life.

 Success is never Permanent
Failure is never Final
So always dont stop trying until your Victory makes a History

Affection is not measure when both take care of each other.
It is measured when one ignores & the other still continues to do so.

One day Life asked Dreams 'When will you all come true?'
Dreams smiled & said 'Never! Because the day I come true, I will loose my meaning'

Life's remote would be Perfect if:
Anger had Mute button,
Mistake had Back button,
Hard Time had Fast Forward button &
Good Times had Pause Button.

Smile is source to win a heart.
Smile is a name of lovely mood.
Smile creates greatness in personality.
So always have a Smile on your face.

God always likes to again & again what you want.
It is not that he forgets your needs, but he loves to feel the sweetness of your Prayer.

Sometimes our Ambitions flop.
Sometimes our Assumptions go wrong.
But our goal is still waiting for us.
Be Positive & Be Active.

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