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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baku A Capitol City of Azerbaijan Must Visit

These are three tallest buildings of the city symbolizing fire. They’re almost completed.

 The Baku of today is a combination of Southern France and American Orlando. It has a lot of parks, sculptures, beautiful building fronts, smiling people, an endless embarkment with numerous little cafes, and a well-grommed historical center.

In 1994, they signed a contract, according to which 80% of the net profit from oil extraction in Azerbaijan, goes to the country. Moreover, foreign oil companies invested into Azerbaijan over 11.5 billion US dollars.
 They can be seen from almost any part of the city.
 This embankment is pleasant to walk along.

 The next year, Baku is going to host the Eurovision Song Contest. So next to this flag, which is the tallest in the world by the way, they’re building a special arena.

 The Carpet Museum is under construction too.
 It looks like Europe, doesn’t it?
 And this is the image of Orlando!
 Fountains in the parks…

 Entrance to the underground.

 They believe in Baku that if your loved one has not called you for a long time, you just have to hug this statue and everything will be Ok.

 One of the streets in the residential area of the city.

 Here tourists can find some interesting souvenirs.

 People like playing backgammon in Baku.

 The former Mayor of the city saw something like this in Italy and decided to make the same in Baku.
 Since then, the country has been experiencing a construction and economic boom.
 Old oil pumps still remain in the city.
 Nowadays, Baku is a modern megacity with five-star hotels and London cabs as taxi.

Azerbaijan is called ‘the country of fire’. The point is that oil and gas here are located very close to the surface, so sometimes you can see fires shooting up from the ground. They even built several temples here for those who worship fire.

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