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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Amazing Pet -King Cobra

When this Cambodian boy was only 3 months, his father found him in bed half-meter python. A caring dad did not kill the reptile, and took the snake back into the jungle, but the next day, the snake crawled again. Man three times attributed python in the jungle, but he stubbornly came back. Probably the head of the family to carry sick python, and he was left at home. Indeed, the no pet? It took 7 years old boy and "Lucky" (a nickname given python) grew up. Lucky "grew up" at 6 feet and weighs about 100 kg. Python eats only chicken and duck eats 10 kg per week. The snake can safely eat a boy or a horse, but said the boy, their relationships are like brother and sister relationship (python was pitonihoy).


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